A Healthy Lifestyle - Where to Start!

Mark Wolff - Jan 25, 2022

Many people think that embarking on a healthy active lifestyle is just a matter of let's start exercising and eating healthier. However, this is a very personal point of view. How you define your health is based on your life experiences and it's very biased, in that it's a measurement of feeling which can include; energy levels, emotional stability and ability to function and perform on a daily basis. This does not mean you are healthy, it just means that this is what you perceive to be healthy. 

Where to kickstart your Healthy Lifestyle

The first step is to get a snapshot of your health at a moment in time. A medical check up plus a basic blood analysis to check a variety of health markers and risks. If you are an athlete then you could also throw in lung function, ECG stress tests and heart ultrasounds to ensure your major organs are functioning perfectly to withstand the exercise stresses thrown at them.

Nutrition will play a Vital Role

As for nutrition, that is another vital point. Eating healthy for one individual can be very different for another. Food tolerances, allergy risks, macronutrient splits based on health markers and physiological requirements from day to day based on your lifestyle, all need to be considered. As well as understanding the timing and volume of all your meals.

Exercise is not about Quantity but Quality & Consistency

Then when it comes to exercise many people go from zero to hero. Foundation building and grading slowly into a proper exercise regime is so important for long term health and an improvement in strength and fitness. Consistency is the key and to remain consistent it needs to be a realistic goal that fits your lifestyle. There is certainly no one plan that fits all.

To sum up, when you build a house, it's built on a concrete foundation from the bottom up. If you attempt to build a house on sand one single storm will wash it all away. Find that starting point, work on building a strong foundation and then head slowly upwards.

Next time I dive deeper into why you HAVE TO (and how to) put your health first...

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